Club W Unboxing


This past month I had the PURE JOY of receiving a box of wine delivered right to my doorstep! I practically jumped on the FedEx man when I saw him coming! Club W is a monthly subscription box that hand picks wine based on your taste, then delivers it right to your doorstep. I wanted to share my first box with y’all and tell you a little bit about what i liked and what I could do without. So if you like wine, and you like subscription boxes then keep reading!


2013 La Muleta Garnacha

This was more of a lighter red wine, but still had the depth of a dark red wine. It was a little different than most red wine that I drink, so it was refreshing when it had a little sweet after taste rather than your typical oak aftertaste. I drank this with a little chocolate and popcorn and LOVED it and overall it was a 4 out of 5 in my book! If you’re trying to get into drinking more red wine I would highly recommend this one.


2014 Cocomero Rosato

I typically don’t drink white wine anymore, but I decided I would try this one simply because I LOVED the label. Isn’t it the cutest? This wine was alright… it certainly could have been better. One of the recipes that came along with it in the box was for wine soaked watermelon which would be SO good in the summer. Overall I would give this wine a 3 out 5- I wish it was a little more bubbly or something, it just wasn’t as good as the label made it out to be!


2014 Chommie Cabernet Sauvingnon

This was BY FAR my favorite! The label was the CUTEST and the wine was even better! I saved this wine for last because the bottle was so pretty I didn’t even want to open it. However when I finally did open it I was so impressed. It’s the perfect Cabernet with just enough deep, oak-y taste. I had it with tacos and boy oh boy it couldn’t have been any better. I would give this wine a 5 out 5 definitely!


Overall I really enjoyed the Club W experience. When you sign up, you fill out a little survey about your taste. Then they hand pick wines they think you’ll enjoy! If you happen to not like the looks of the wine they pick, then you can easily change it to another one of their recommendations. There is always new wines to pick from every month and they ship it directly to your doorstep or office. They also send you little recipes to match the wines, which I really want to try for my next box! The only downside is you have to sign for the box to prove that you’re 21, which is perfectly fine. However if you live alone like me then it’s a little hard to plan your schedule around waiting for the FedEx man. For my next box, I’m getting it sent to Kendra Scott so when I work I can just pick it up! I hope this little unboxing post helped convince you that you NEED this subscription box and if it did then sign up here!