Tipspiration Tuesday


Pressure. It’s a scary word, right? There is a lot of meaning to it, but not once do I think of a positive meaning that I can attach to it. I’ve been throwing this word around in my mind lately, trying to figure out the role it plays in my life. And what I’ve came up with is a simple solution to put “pressure” on the back burner and let life take course.

I’ve always felt like I needed to do it all, see it all, feel it all. I’ve mentioned before that when I love- I love with all I have. And that same notion, the idea that I put my ALL into everything I do, carries over into various aspects of my life. So what happens when that drive, that passion, turns into pressure? It’s not necessarily intentional, but it can sure seem like it. I just want to take it all in, I don’t want to miss a moment of this beautiful life. However I think I’ve realized that we don’t have to do it all… we should just do all that we can. I think that by taking a step back and realizing that by MAKING life move too fast by trying to do EVERYTHING, you’re missing out on what could be with a little luck and lull of time. Every minute doesn’t need to be accounted for, every travel doesn’t need to be planned to a tee and every love shouldn’t have to follow the same course as everyone else.

We don’t have to do it all…. we should just do all that we can, as long as I’m doing it with you.