Free People…

Isn’t it funny how wearing certain clothes can make you feel like an entirely different person? That’s the case for me when I wear this Free People top! No matter the occasion, when I put this top on I feel so calm, relaxed and almost ethereal. It might be the cutouts in the front and back that make me feel so delicate- not to mention the fabric is so light and airy it’s like I’m barely wearing anything! That’s why I love FP, their clothes not only make you look great but they give you a sense of what the brand is all about; being free, calm, and open to the world.

{im wearing} Free People {top}, Forever 21 {pants}, Lucky Brand {wedges}, Ray-Ban {sunglasses},  Michael Kors {bracelet, ring, watch}, Moon & Lola {bracelet, necklace}

  • Oh my goodness, this top is amazing! If you ever decide to get rid of it, send it my way! It was made in boho-Heaven!
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