How To Brunch The Southern Way


Ever heard the saying brunch is always a good idea? Well that’s because it’s true- no matter where you live, a weekend brunch should always be on the menu of events. A good southern brunch requires the champagne to flow freely, grits to ALWAYS be on the table and a sweet treat to top everything off. During our weekend in Atlanta, Emily, Laura and I decided to brunch at The Southern Gentleman. They certainly had all the fixin’s of a traditional southern brunch, including some of THE best shrimp and grits I’ve ever had!




The Decor

When you brunch the southern way, you’ll find adorable eateries that just seep with southern charm. Walking into The Southern Gentleman, you are first greeted with the two words any southern gal loves to hear- yes ma’am. The cushioned white chairs, gorgeous glassware and pastel blue accents only add to the traditional and homey feeling. 


The Southern Gentleman Atlanta

For Starters

We decided to start off brunch with a couple small plates to share while we all drooled over the menu. First up was the Farm Ricotta Fresh Farmers Cheese, a delicious bittersweet appetizer that I can’t wait to try to recreate at home. The ricotta cheese was so smooth and fresh, and served as a tart base for the sweet dates and balsamic vinegar drizzled over top. Next, we tried the House Made Granola Muslix, a delicious morning treat that we simply couldn’t get enough of! You could definitely tell the granola was made fresh and had a homemade crunch to it with a sweet after taste that paired perfectly with the yummy berries on top!

The Southern Gentleman Atlanta

Main Course

A southern brunch calls for grits, bacon and of course pancakes. The Southern Gentleman put a trendy twist on some southern classics that you have GOT to try! Up first, the Lemon Ricotta Pancakes!

The Southern Gentleman Atlanta

Lemon Ricotta Pancakes

In all honesty, these pancakes could feed a family of four. The magic is in the fresh lemon tang that melts at the tip of your tongue with every bite. It’s a welcomed twist on a typically more sweet pancake. The berry compote that is dolloped on top is all the sweetness you need for this stack of pancakes, however it is served with fresh syrup on the side and of course who could forget the bacon?!

The Southern Gentleman Atlanta

New Orleans Shrimp & Grits

If this is any indication of how the food will taste down in NOLA, then I might be moving there with my parents as soon as possible! The grits were made with whole grain and provided the perfect bite of toughness with the tangy shrimp. What really made this dish was the sweet and salty barbecue sauce that surrounded the grits. The sauce certainly didn’t overwhelm the dish and put that much needed spin on your traditional shrimp and grits for brunch! 


Parmesan Omelet

Last but definitely not least is the Parmesan Omelet! This omelet came toped with two of my favorite things, bacon and home fries! Out of all the dishes, this was one of the most hearty on the table. The crust on the top was delicious and if you order this dish be sure to get the bacon, home fries and omelet all in one bite! The only thing that’s missing is a nice drizzle of sauce to give this omelet a trendy twist!


The Mimosa

As if you needed any other reason to brunch the southern way at The Southern Gentleman, every Sunday the bartender mixes up a new mimosa! When we visited, the mimosa was made with a blackberry and aloe vera saccharum. The saccharum is made from mashing blackberries, aloe vera and sugar together until it crystallizes. From the looks of it, we were worried the mimosa was going to be too sweet. Luckily it wasn’t and we loved the kick of the blackberry and crystallized sugar! 

The Southern Gentleman Atlanta

A Sweet Treat

A southern brunch isn’t over until dessert is delivered and devoured! After being stuffed to the brim with all the savory eats, the three of us decided to split the Chocolate Chess Pie! The warm center and crunchy outside was incredibly delicious as each bite just melted in your mouth. 10 out of 10 definitely recommend finishing your meal at The Southern Gentleman with their Chocolate Chess Pie!



We had such a fun time brunchin’ at The Southern Gentleman- so much so they practically had to ROLL us out of there! If you’re ever in Atlanta, be sure to head over on any given Sunday for a fresh, new mimosa and some of the best southern eats you’ll ever have.



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    The best brunch!!! xox E

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    All of this looks way too yummy and is making me so hungry! Grits are forsure my favorite thing to have for breakfast, but do you like sugar or cheese in yours?! I’m all about the cheese!


  • I’m such a foodie and this post has me drooling! I wish I was able to attend this looks so amazing every from the decor to the food. One of my favorite southern meals are shrimp and grits its such a classic. Love this post!

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