Tipspiration Tuesday

Untitled-1This is one of those quotes that I think a lot of us can relate to. Sometimes I find myself scrolling through another blogger’s instagram feed wishing I could be more like them. I start to nit-pick at everything; my pictures aren’t clear enough, my hair isn’t styled pretty enough, my blog design isn’t simple enough…. and it goes on and on. Until I force myself to put down my phone or laptop and just focus on ME. Sometimes you can start to doubt yourself, or even completely hate everything you’ve been doing, because you feel like someone else is doing it better, faster and with more passion than you are.

In reality, I need to remember that some of these bloggers have been doing this for YEARS… when I haven’t even hit my 1 year yet. I have to remember that I’m still learning the ins and outs of branding…. some bloggers do that as their JOB. I need to remember that my bank account isn’t endless, so I just need to find new ways to style what I already have.

What makes me different is I LOVE blogging, even if my only reader was my mom I would still do it. I am using this blog as a platform for growth, and I feel like in the end I will be successful in doing so. I think that my successes, how ever so small, are still HUGE for me. I’ve had the pleasure of working with small, growing and established companies and each one has taught me something new. I’ve learned how to turn someone down, I’ve learned to negotiate and I’ve learned (still learning) how to make a great pitch. All of which will be important for me when I start to look for a big girl job.

In the end, whether you’ve just created your blog or you’ve almost hit your 5 year mark, the best thing to do is be happy for those who are succeeding, but don’t spend too much time comparing your successes to theirs. Everybody in the blogging game has something different to offer so just be patient and keep working at what you LOVE doing.

  • I really love this post!! So encouraging for me as a new blogger because I already find myself comparing and I have been blogging less than a month! Thanks so much for sharing! 🙂


    • Yay so glad you enjoyed! I think every blogger does it, we just need to remember that there are MAJOR differences and every success is a little different! XO

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  • As you can probably clearly tell from my bunch of comments now, I’ve just had a thorough look through the Classy South, and am loving it!
    This is such a great post Corbin, I think we all have this issue. Your advice is spot on!


    • Aw I appreciate it, Paige! Thanks for reading and hope to see you back here! XO