An ATX Life Update

Life Update ATX

Why am I pressing the little blue “publish” button for the first time in over a year? Because I have some major life updates and at the core, this blog is almost like a yearbook for me. I can go back to any time of my life since sophomore year of college and read what I was thinking, see who I was with and laugh at how much I have changed since then. I don’t know about you, but I am about as nostalgic as you can get so I love having this little time capsule corner of the internet. 

It’s been a year and then some since I’ve thought about publishing a post on this blog. I always enjoyed having a blog because it gave me a creative outlet. Since I stopped blogging I found other ways to continue that creativity and honestly think I have found more of myself than I ever would have if I had continued to be a “fashion blogger” – but I’ll save that for another day.

Remember that last post? The one about my so-called dream job? A year and a day later (exactly) reality hit me like a brick wall… ouch. After a couple ugly cries I picked myself up from my week-long pity party, wrote down some badass goals and got to it. This year I’ve been reminded time and time again of the plan that has been set before me by God. It’s hard to remind yourself that His plan is always greater than your own and sometimes you have to suffer before you can celebrate. 

Just like a breakup, it was hard for me to put into words what was happening because I made my job such a HUGE part of my identity. I knew it was going to be obvious when I stopped posting about work every day and my heart broke a little more each time I had someone reach out and ask the question I knew I would have to keep answering for weeks to come. However, just like a breakup, I knew that time would be the ultimate healer. 

A month and some change later since I had to rethink everything, I wanted to post just a little update on life lately:

I love Austin! I am so happy I moved here. My parents just moved too so we might be here to stay… but not forever, I gotta get back to the East Coast one day.

I found a church here that has been a game-changer for me, shout out to The Austin Stone! If you’re looking for a church in Austin I would highly recommend it. 

I realized that in the year I’ve lived in Austin my hair and makeup routine has dwindled down to running my fingers through my hair and swiping on Glossier Stretch Concealer and Boy Brow. I really love that and feel like it reflects just how comfortable I feel in my skin now. 

I have grown so much in my creative writing. All that time I spent on writing posts for outfits, etc. was channeled back into writing for me and working towards my goal of publishing a book one day. Middle school Corb would be so proud.

Looking to the future this blog will never be what it once was. I just don’t have any interest left in what I used to love doing. I’m thinking I will share things that interest me, my work, maybe encouraging posts that you might need to read if you’re ever in a dark corner and maybe a sprinkle of the more materialistic things. This space will be for me, and for others if they choose to wander over here. It will not be a consistently updated thing by no means… but it will be all mine, and that’s what matters the most. 

Photo by Jane Greer Raese

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