An Open Letter To My Best Friends

Open Letter to My Best Friends

If you’ve been following my snapchat lately, then you might have noticed I’ve been having a little TOO much fun. But hey, senior year means go big or go home right? You also might have noticed just how amazing all my best friends are, or how hilarious they look at 2 AM. Since August, I’ve been doing a lot of soul searching to learn more about the woman I want to be. So I wanted to take the time to tell y’all about a couple women who have quite literally picked me up off the ground, dusted me off, gave me a shot of tequila and helped me realize things get better (and just how kickass of a girlboss I am!)

To My Best Friends,

Thank you for holding true to your title. Not only for these past couple months, but for the past couple years. You all have been there when I thought I had lost it all. We created this group of friends that most people only see in the movies. It’s been amazing to experience college with you and I know our friendships will last way beyond college. But now I want to say thank you for holding me up when I couldn’t hold myself up. For listening to me go on and on when I know all you wanted to do was tell me to move on. You understood that it isn’t as easy as it seems, and you know from experience that it goes way past just having a broken heart. Thanks for doing everything you could to get my mind off things, but also thank you for helping me overthink things until I couldn’t anymore. Thanks for giving me the best 21st I could ever ask for, with sombrero sign and all (SHOUTOUT 2 CADIE!) Thank you for being there at any time to talk, listen or go out. Thanks for dancing with me, shooing away (non red-head) guys and for ordering me god-awful IPA’s at The Local. Y’all are the best friends I could ever ask for, and I hope that one day I can be there for you when you’re at your lowest, when you can’t go anymore. Cause I promise I will throw some tequila down your throat, wipe your tears and make you flirt with boys for drinks just like you’ve done for me. Oh and answer all your “in my feels” texts and calls whenever you need me to. I love you guys SO MUCH! Thanks for all the support (and for the liquid support)

Love you forever and ever,


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