Boone Breweries & Hiking Trails

Boone, NC

If you haven't experienced Boone in the summer then you are definitely missing out. The town of Boone makes for an incredible weekend getaway since it's just a couple hours from most major cities in North Carolina. As a resident of Boone for 4 years I experienced all that Boone has to offer and wanted to share some of my "must-try" travel tips for those of you looking to visit The High Country! To start off I'm sharing 6 watering holes in Boone that will wet both your appetite for adventure and a good brew!

Trash Can Falls & TApp Room

One of the first waterfalls I found while living in Boone was Trash Can falls. It's definitely the easiest of the three when it comes to finding it, hiking it and if you're brave enough- jumping off of it. It's about a 15 minute drive from King Street (the main downtown area) and takes about 5 or so minutes to hike up to the top of the waterfall. In the summer it's a lot more crowded, which is when students and locals alike come out for the day to swim and hang out.

Once you're done at Trash Can falls head back to TApp Room in Boone for their delicious tacos and margaritas! It's one of my favorite places to grab a quick meal and a beer, and they always have a great selection of brews to choose from! Take my advice and get the BBQ Pork Tacos- you won't be disappointed. 

Hebron Rock Colony & Appalachian Mountain Brewery

Two of my most recent finds during my time in Boone was Hebron Rock Colony and Appalachian Mountain Brewery, although both have been around for awhile and are local favorites. Start your day off with a small picnic at Julian Price Park, which spearheads the trail that leads you to Hebron Rock Colony. The hike up is fairly moderate and I would say just about anybody can get to the falls. The real adventure comes when it's time to climb up the waterfall, also known as boulder hopping. My Dad and I have done this twice and each time was a little different. You can certainly take a route up the waterfall that gets you wet in one of the many pools. However I would be careful with this since wet bodies and slippery boulders aren't exactly a good combination. If you don't want to get wet there are ways up the waterfall that can get you there without having to hop in the pools. The fun part is deciding how you'll get up to the top, and climbing some rather difficult boulders that take teamwork and trust!

After your adventure at Hebron Rock Colony, you can continue the loop and hike 4 miles back around to the park, or turn around and hike 1.5 miles back the way you came from. You'll definitely want a relaxing atmosphere to recount your bouldering experience so I recommend heading to Appalachian Mountain Brewery to try their local brews as well as grab a bite to eat at the DELICIOUS food truck that offers the best wood-fired pizza. I always grab their Baba Budan, a coffee IPA, or the C.R.E.A.M if it's on tapp (which is rare, so if you see it TRY IT!).

Compression Falls & Portofino's

If the last 4 watering holes weren't enough adventure for you then try your hand at hiking up to Compression Falls. This hike is one of the most difficult and has been known to be the cause of many injuries since the hike is almost a vertical crawl both ways. However once you reach the falls, it is incredibly breath taking and rewarding. This watering hole is definitely not for the beginner hiker and should be approached with safety and caution at the forefront of everyone's mind. 

Once you've experienced and hopefully survived Compression Falls, let loose and celebrate at Portofino's! If you follow me on Snapchat (search 'corbintateblog') then you'll immediately recognize this watering hole as one of my favorites. Porto's is the perfect place for a good time in Boone, and is usually the first place many students flock to on the weekends. If you're not much of a dancer then you'll find fun in the game room with pool, darts, ski ball and foosball. However if you're like my friends then you'll be on the dance floor all night long! 

Excited to try out these Boone watering holes?! I would love to hear what you think and if you've ever visited one of these spots!