How I Landed My Dream Job

Dream Job

Today’s post is bittersweet. A couple weeks ago I was given the HAPPIEST news of my life, I landed my dream job at Kendra Scott! Ever since I started my journey with Kendra Scott I’ve had one goal in mind: go to Austin and work in Marketing for our corporate office. However with this news, was the unsettling realization that I would need to put aside my blog for my new role as Influencer Marketing Specialist at Kendra Scott. So- if you want to know more about how I landed my dream job, what this means for you (as my reader OR as an influencer) and my move to Austin then please keep reading! 

The Job

Okay I’ll just cut to the chase and start with what I know everyone wants to know- all about my new job! The official title is Influencer Marketing Specialist which means I will be working with all different types of influencers on campaigns to spread the word about Kendra Scott. My experience as a blogger and influencer will be SO helpful in my new role, and I am excited about bringing this perspective to everything I do. Kendra Scott already does an amazing job at connecting with influencers and I am so excited to continue to grow our influencing community! 

The Blog

And now to address the next question that I’ve been getting a lot lately, what about the blog? During the interview process I found myself using my free time to research influencer marketing and how I could be the best I could be on the “other” side of the partnership. The rest of my time was devoted to relaxing… I ACTUALLY used a Sunday to lay by the pool and finish my book rather than sit inside and schedule blog posts! (WHAT?! I KNOW!) I was a little confused by how relieved I felt to not have to worry about getting a blog post up or creating content. It was during the interview process that I realized I was done with blogging. It became too much of a job, and I wasn’t enjoying it as much as I did when I first started. However the prospect of helping bloggers and influencers started to excite me more and more- and I practically jumped out of my SKIN when I found out I got the job!! 

How It All Started

A couple years ago I was scrolling through Instagram and stumbled upon Kendra Scott announcing their newest store opening in Durham, NC. Knowing that my brother lived in Durham, I quickly hopped over to my computer to apply for a job. I figured I could work full-time during summer and it would give me retail experience needed to get my foot in the door with the fashion world. I was asked to make a video as to why I wanted to be a part of the Kendra Scott team, and after submitting my 1 minute clip (that took HOURS to make) I was called in for an interview! Imagine my surprise when I walked into a room of 5 women all decked out head to toe in Kendra Scott with my resume in hand. Little did I know that interview would change my course forever! The women were so empowering, and I felt overwhelmingly at home talking with them. On my way back to Boone I got the call, the job was mine! However it came with a catch, I would need to start when the store opened… not when I got out of school for summer. After much debate (or fighting) with my parents, they agreed to be okay with me driving 3 hours every other weekend to Durham to stay with my brother to work at the store. This continued after summer, and eventually dwindled down to once a month as my senior year course load took over.

Throughout it all, a couple things remained constant, my growing love for the brand and my parents growing anxiety over me getting a job that didn’t include the word “retail” after college. But my path had been set during that initial interview, I wanted to be like those women sitting across from me. I wanted to be giving my all to the brand I loved, and I knew my dreams would lead me to corporate (or at least I desperately hoped so). I have never felt so attached to a company, I knew there was something special about the way we did business. I simply wasn’t finding that same spark with the companies I was interviewing with during my search for a job out of college and  I realized I shouldn’t have to give up the brand I loved working for just because the “perfect job” wasn’t ready for me right out of college. Against my parents requests, I moved to Charlotte and took a job as a Keyholder for our store in Southpark Mall. 

How I Got The Job

After a couple weeks working at the Charlotte store I felt a growing emptiness. I knew I could be doing SO much more than what I was doing. Sure I loved being in the store, our customers are some of the best. I love that our store attracts so many different types of customers, and it’s a unique experience to be able to help all sorts of people find something that they will enjoy. However I am one of the few rare people who actually wants to use their major, and who enjoys doing the things they learned while in school. Every time I looked at the available jobs on our careers page, they always asked for experience in the field– something I didn’t have from being in the store trying to work my way up. I decided to email our Talent Acquisition Manager, who had started in the Durham store with me a couple years ago, to ask her what I should do to get the experience needed to move up while still staying in the store. 

It just so happened that right when I emailed her, the Influencer Marketing Specialist job came up- a divine intervention some might call it. Everything seemed to fall into place from there, my interviews went GREAT (I cried after my first interview because it went so well) and my roommates boyfriend decided he was ready to move in if and when I got the job. The way things worked out seemed to be too perfect…. but then again, this was what I had been working towards ever since I stepped foot in the Durham store. 

What really made a difference, I believe, in my interviews was my sheer passion for the company. I live, breathe, eat Kendra Scott. I LOVE this brand. I wasn’t going to just pass up my dream opportunity, so for the month and a half I interviewed I was always looking up news about Kendra Scott, Influencer Marketing and doing my research on possible conferences for us to attend or bloggers we could work with. From that very first interview I acted as if I already had the job, and I was doing everything I could to prepare for it. I have honestly never wanted anything so badly. 

Good Things Come To Those Who Wait

Can y’all imagine me waiting for anything? I am the most impulsive person and many times I have told y’all stories about how my impulsivity gets the best of me. However I am so glad I waited for this job. I am so thankful I didn’t listen to my parents (although that’s not unusual for me) and that I stuck it out despite the odd stares I received when I told people I was taking a job as a retail Keyholder when I graduated. Many nights I would stay up wondering if I made the right decision, or if I was just being naive and young waiting on a job that would never come. But in my heart, I knew I wouldn’t or couldn’t be as happy with another company as I was working for Kendra Scott. So I stuck it out. I waited. And the best thing I could have EVER wished for finally came knocking on my door. 

So, now what?

 As I’m finishing up this blog post the movers are packing my stuff into a truck and my mom is calling me non-stop asking about my plans to get down to Texas. I’ll be driving, but thankfully have friends and family along the way that will help break up the drive into a couple days. I’ve said my goodbyes and see you laters, and I had to make the crucial decision as to what clothes I would keep out for the next two weeks and what clothes I would send with the movers (difficult, I know). I think I’m ready for the move, it’ll be a true testament to just how “ free spirited” I am to be able to leave everything and everyone I have come to love here in NC. But… this is what I’ve worked for, this is what I’ve dreamed of and surprisingly enough it’s all falling into place. It’s been a wild couple of months, a whirlwind of emotions and anxiety that I could never explain to y’all. I have treasured this outlet and being able to put my writing and passions out there for everyone to read. Everything has a beginning and end, and this just happens to be one of the most beautiful beginnings and endings I could have ever dreamed of. Thank you for keeping up with the blog and for being so supportive throughout these best couple years. I’ve been able to document the happiest of times, the saddest of times and just the plain crazy times as well! I’ll definitely link a couple posts below that stick out to me as my favorites! Thank y’all again for everything, I truly will miss this outlet but am so excited for what lies ahead. I love you guys!!

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