My Senior Year Bucket List

Senior Year Bucket List

Oh senior year, you are finally here. I’ve been dreaming about being a senior in college for just about my whole life. Okay maybe only since I was 15, and really just dreaming about being 21, but you get the point. With my birthday right around the corner, and a lot of changes happening lately, I decided to do what I do best and plan… a bucket list that is. Boone is a beautiful place to attend college, but many people will tell you “there’s nothing to do in Boone!” To that I say you are incredibly wrong, and I can’t wait to finish up my time here in Boone with an amazing bucket list.

Take A Trip To Nashville

Okay I know this isn’t something that can be done IN Boone- but honestly this might be the closest I’ll ever be to Nashville for awhile and I want to take advantage of it! I want to pack up a car with my girls, and head out for the weekend to Nashville without any plans, just to experience the city!

Hike Profile Trail With Ally

My best friend Ally is this hardcore adrenaline junky, for lack of better terms. She wants me to go skydiving but… that’s obviously not happening. I will however hike a difficult trail with her, since she asked so nicely (#not).

Visit Hebron Rock Colony

I’m 90% sure that The Hunger Games was filmed in this area (when Peeta disguised himself as a rock) and I’ve always wanted to spend the day climbing around! I’ll probably pack a good book and a little picnic for myself, now all I’m missing is a little puppy to play with while I’m there!

Find The Lost Cove

Kind of an oxymoron, right? I tried to find it with a couple friends last year without any luck. We did however find an AMAZING campsite so it wasn’t a wasted trip at all. I’m confident that with another try I can find it- or at least have another unexpected camping trip with my friends.

Sneak Into Land of Oz Or Go To Autumn At Oz

The Land of Oz is this abandoned theme park near Boone at Beech Mountain. It opens once a year in October for tours and visitors but the tickets are $35. Who knows, maybe I’ll play by the rules and visit with everyone else, or maybe I’ll be a regular college kid and sneak in when it’s really abandoned. (sorry mom)

Take A Spontaneous Weekend Trip

No plans, no destination in mind. I want to get in my car and drive, end up somewhere for a weekend and explore.

Race A Woolly Worm at the Woolly Worm Festival

This is a hilarious festival in Banner Elk every year. Everyone gets together and races woolly worms, which are furry little critters that are common in the mountains. Now I just need to find one…

Jump From Trashcan Falls

I’ve visited this spot a couple times (see picture), but never when the water was high enough to jump into. I have spent the day at Guy Ford, jumping from rocks, but Trashcan Falls is definitely an epic jump to take on before I graduate! P.S. This is one of the perks of going to school at Appalachian, being able to jump off rocks!

Have The Best Year Yet!

This year is going to be one for the books! I’m excited to see what is in store for me and I’m ready to make it the best year yet. What does your bucket list look like?

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