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The Third Moment of Impact

It was a day I won’t forget. For the better half, my heart felt like it had expanded to take up my entire chest cavity. My hands couldn’t keep themselves busy enough and my mind was racing with what I would say, jotting down key points to cover and my goals for the upcoming year. An hour before my yearly review, I had an overwhelming feeling that something was wrong. I can’t explain it, but I chalked it up to nerves and kept myself busy.

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The Second Moment of Impact

I'm not sure if I'll ever be able to keep furniture, or an apartment for that matter, for longer than a couple years. The reason isn't vanity; it's more of a matter of the heart. I think about how my first apartment saw so much of me just trying to figure things out. How no matter where I go, those memories are ingrained as if they were just another line in the floorboard.

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And out of nowhere, you almost stop thinking of what comes next; you just do. And that's when it happens; that's when you're left catching yourself falling, you can't find what was supposed to just be there... you were supposed to just be there. 

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A Ruse

Most of the time I wonder how much of our life is fate, and how much is a result of conscious decision making. Do we actually have any control, are our well-thought-out plans just a big ruse, what happens if I just stop thinking and start acting without discretion tomorrow? 

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The First Moment of Impact

Your chest is tight, you feel as if there is an insurmountable weight placed on your body and you can't stomach the thought of moving from where you lay. The idea of tomorrow feels like an exit you passed twenty miles ago, you know you need to turn around to get back to where you should be going but instead you barrel into the unknown. 

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Not Your Typical Hometown

It was in my first college creative writing class that I realized we all had a story to tell. The rhetoric of our past, our hometown, the way we were brought up to speak and act, the type of people we were raised around, all contributed to this unique outlook we each had on the world. Before then, I used to preach that there was no way a person could be original, that we're all just speaking over each other trying to prove that we are different, we are special. 

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