Antique Show Guide Half Page Ad


I had the pleasure of creating a half-page advertisement for The Vintage Round Top to be placed in the Round Top Register Antique Show Guide. It was challenging to fit the needed information all within a half-page, while also creating something that would stand out amongst the other advertisements.

With a brand that has a lot to offer, from events to workshops, to lodging and even an e-commerce store, sometimes it was difficult to focus the messaging. However since this was an ad placement in the Antique Show guide, we knew the audience would be most interested in lodging options during the show as well as how the space could be utilized after the show vendors have all packed up and the town returned to its small-town roots.

Below you'll see some of the iterations I created, with the final advertisement above! You'll notice many similarities between the drafts, and I believe the final product is a nice mix of all. It was interesting to create different ideas, and be able to pull together my favorite aspects from each to create a final product that we were all excited for and proud of!