#KSPartner Influencer Program

Photo from SXSW Influencer Partnership with Rachel Martino

During my time at Kendra Scott, I focused on creating long-term, authentic relationships that would bring brand awareness and drive quality web-traffic. I realized there was a key difference favoring partners whom I would work with seasonally and partners who were not as interested in sharing the brand long-term. The #KSPartner campaign was created as a solution that focused on fostering genuine partnerships with influencers who were invested in the brand.

As a result of regular gifting initiatives the influencers I worked with would wear their seasonal pieces, however, there is a disconnect between their audience associating trendy, non-traditional Kendra Scott jewelry with the brand. Through consistent tagging and mentioning of Kendra Scott, the #KSPartner campaign aims to create brand awareness that would remain a consistent voice to our chosen influencer's audience, aiming to drive their interest to the web and following our story on our social channels.

Kendra Scott Partner Campaign

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#KSPArtner Proposal