Los Angeles Spring Launch Brunch

Where else would we celebrate the launch of our Spring Collection other than sunny Los Angeles?! This event was the most challenging yet - but the most rewarding of all.

This was the first event that we were challenged to take a blank venue and transform it into the venue of our dreams. We rented out a beautiful house in West Hollywood for the weekend, and invited 30 of our top tier LA influencers to help us celebrate the launch of the Spring Collection.

With the help of Pow Wow Design Studio, we were able to transform the space into a moroccan-inspired venue, complete with lounges, a sprawling brunch tablescape and areas for both manicures and henna tattoos. I was responsible for shipping all of the assets needed to execute this event to our local store, then transporting and organizing it all once we arrived in Los Angeles. On the day of, I managed our 5 vendors while preparing the space for our influencers. During the event I was expected to continue to manager our vendors while providing support to anything they might need in addition to taking care of our attendees.

Overall it was a beautiful and memorable event that generated over 3 million impressions and created long-lasting relationships with our influencers.

Photos by Cole Moser