Influencer representation and brand manager services

My experience in the influencer industry started back in 2013 when I decided to start a blog. Little did I know, that seemingly inconsequential decision would lead me to a career in an industry that I am incredibly passionate about. Through my experience as a blogger, an Influencer Marketing Specialist for a luxury jewelry brand, and now an Account Executive at an influencer marketing agency, I have been on all sides of the partnership, and have come into contact with the good, the bad, and the ugly.  

It is for this reason I decided to start offering my expertise to others, mainly a select group of influencers who I have enjoyed getting to know throughout the years, and those who share the same passion for the industry as myself. 

It is my goal to continue to cultivate this community of exclusive influencers, as well as offering additional casual services to other influencers who are seeking help with navigating partnerships while developing their brand.

Whether you're an influencer interested in representation, or a brand looking to connect with influencers, I would love to hear from you!